Bummer to bumper

1 Jun

This year, I’m trying to grow tomatoes (which I tried last year but only produced three small fruits), eggplant, cucumbers and squash. What’s a garden in Alabama without squash and tomatoes?!?

My first harvest of 2011: gladiolus flowers, squash and cucumbers

My first harvest of 2011 was last week when I picked a squash and two cucumbers. Yesterday I picked two more cucumbers and I still hadn’t eaten the first two, so I gave those to a colleague. My first bumper crop!

I need to find more easy and yummy recipes for cucumbers. I do like to use them as crackers — eating them with dips and chicken salad. And as soon as my tomatoes are ripe, I’m making tomato-cucumber salad.

For dinner last night I sliced up the squash and sauteed it with some olive oil, salt and pepper and topped it off with some Parmesan cheese. So simple and delicious! It’s hard to mess up squash.

The eggplant plants aren’t thriving like the squash and cucumbers, but they are hanging in there.

The greenhouse where I bought these seedlings, Brown’s, blew away in the tornado. They had the best flowers, herbs and other plants. And they were beyond reasonably priced. You could fill up a garden for the same price as one plant from a chain home improvement store. I cannot wait for them to rebuild.


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