Mediterranean-inspired Cucumber Tomato Salad

3 Jun

Often I’ll throw together some ingredients I like and it usually ends up tasting pretty good. The other afternoon I concocted a nice, light summer dish using some food and herbs from my garden.

The night before I had chopped up a cucumber and mixed it with some tomatoes (I cheated and used petite diced canned — I know it’s not the same as fresh but it’s what I had on hand)  and threw in dashes of olive oil, red wine vinegar and sea salt, pepper and dried dill.

Looking through my cupboards, fridge and garden, I grabbed everything I thought might “go” with the salad.

I plucked two basil leaves, snipped some chives (one with a pretty chive flower) and grabbed kalamata olives and Mediterranean blend feta (plain feta will do) out of the fridge.  When I cut basil, I roll it up and slice it to produce those long slivers – they look pretty. I simply cut up the chives and one olive (they’re so flavorful only one is needed) into small bits.

I added all that to a bowl of my cucumber-tomato mixture and mixed it together. Then I topped it with the feta cheese.

It was simply delicious. And fresh, despite my using canned tomatoes. There’s nothing like a home-grown tomato. I don’t know if there’s something in the soil down here, or if the growers stores buy from add something to theirs, or both, or what.

This dish is very Mediterranean-inspired. Most Mediterranean food tastes like summer to me. And this salad is definitely going to be served often in my home this summer.


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