Semi-Fresh Semi-Skinny Mojitos

13 Jun

My mother came into town Friday for a short visit. She and my dad live in Huntsville, which is about 2.5 hours away — the right distance for nice weekend getaways.

While my mom is not much of a hard liquor drinker, I still wanted to try to make mojitos. It’s one of my favorite summer cocktails – cool, refreshing and  not too sweet (so I can stand to drink more than one!).

The amount of, and maybe the type of, simple syrup and club soda can make or break a mojito. This recipe I adapted from We Heart Minnesota skips the simple syrup all together, making it a rather low cal drink.

Last summer a friend gave me a root of her family mint (by family mint, I mean her plant was from a root of her husband’s grandmother’s mint), which I planted in my back yard. I know they say to keep mint in a container because it spreads like crazy, but I do better with plants in the ground. Plus, I want tons of mint so I can add it to my summer beverages. Ever since this mint took root in my yard, I’ve been itching to try to make a mojito. So here goes:

Mojito ingredients

Mint, limes, Splenda (that’s not sugar in that jar), club soda and rum

-Two limes (already squeezed lime juice optional)
-10-12 mint leaves
-Three shots of white rum
-Two teaspoons of splenda
-Club Soda
-Two glasses

Wash and divide the mint leaves, saving two pretty leaves for garnish.  Put in each glass and muddle. Since I don’t have a mint muddler, I tore the leaves in half and used a fork to sort of stir and press the mint. I try to keep my kitchen contraptions to a minimum, but considering how much I love this drink, I may just need to get a muddler.

Wash the limes and cut each in half. Squeeze the juice of half a lime into each  glass. If you desire more lime, squeeze more lime, or like lazy, thirsty me, add some store-bought lime juice. Other than washing the mint (I get worried I’m bringing in some ants or other yucky bugs), this is what takes the most time. If you were to make you’re own simple syrup, I think that’s what’ll eat up your happy hour.

Stir in one teaspoon of Splenda into each mixture. Fill glasses with ice. I used a shot and a half in each drink (I like mine a bit strong). Top off with club soda and stir. Garnish with lemon quarter and mint leaf.

Mom thought it was a bit strong, but it was simply perfect to me! It’s just the right level of sweet and fizzy. I made a batch and carried it to my friend’s river party the next day. And I want one now! Just can’t get enough of these! No need for an intervention. Yet. 🙂


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