This is my life. Or at least some of it that I wish to share with the world.

I love delicious food, sparkly things, pretty flowers and a sweet pup — what can I say, I’m a girl. Nay, excuse me, I’m a modern woman. I love the feeling of accomplishment from a well-done project, whether it be at work or at home or wherever.

Life is an adventure down here in the Deep South. Day to day, it’s just me and my pup trying to figure this thing out. We are lucky to have great friends and family to help guide us.

The storms that ripped through our state (Alabama — can’t get any more Deep South than that!) recently have put life into a different perspective. While I still work on making my home pretty, comfortable and happy, I’ve been trying more to help others work on theirs. Because that’s what life is all about — sharing.

And in case you’re wondering what dilettante means — a person who enjoys the arts or someone who engages in a field as an amateur out of casual interest rather than as a profession or as an expert. It basically means I’m a novice; I’m not even pretending to know what I’m writing about here.


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