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Father-Daughter Built-in Bookcase

13 Mar

Time for some spring sprucing! I love this time of year, even though it’s technically not spring yet, it sure does feel like it. And it’s spring break in Tuscaloosa — even for me! Since most grown-ups have to work, I get one week to myself. I’ve dubbed it #midlifespringbreak. It’s dedicated to home improvement, cleaning, cooking, sleeping and drinking.

Before- the wide upstairs hallway

My father is retired military so I asked him to come down for a day and help me build a bookcase in my upstairs landing. It’s actually an extra wide hallway. My book collection is slowly growing, as I’m in a book club (Tuscaloosa’s Coolest Book Club or TCBC) and a lot of people are giving me books as gifts lately.  Note, I often try to use the public library for book club books but sometimes that’s not possible. Take this year. We read The Hunger Games trilogy and there were loooong waiting lists for those books.

So, I decided to turn my wide hallway upstairs into my “library landing.”

I have a spare bedroom that I have as an office (with a twin bed just in case I have lots of visitors one night) in addition to a guest bedroom. I would eventually like to turn my office into a dressing room. That sounds extravagant but I have two reasons for doing this.

One, I never use the office. I work in an office all day. The last thing I want to do is go home and spend more time in one. Because of this, it’s wasted space. And I really think you should utilize space if you have it.

Two, my bedroom is often a mess because I have clothes and makeup and hairbrushes everywhere. Your bedroom should be restful, right? Now, there will probably still be a mess, it’ll just be in a different room. 🙂

OK, so more on the dressing room later, when I can save up enough money for it! Back to the book case.

Post-building, pre-painting

It was really only about five, maybe six hours of actual work. We used a combination of reclaimed wood (the vertical support beams are from wood I had used as railings in an old bed), mdf planks, mdf base board and wood side and top molding. Sorry, I don’t have any step-by-step instructions. They would all be something like, “measure, measure, cut.”

It took us less then 24 hours to design, shop for supplies, cut the wood, mdf and moldings and build it.

Little Liam inspects the newly built book case.

Painting took a couple of days as I needed to prime and paint two coats. Most of that though was waiting for it to dry enough to put on the next coat. I had some trim paint leftover from when I first moved in and built a shelf for my TV but I needed to go to Sherwin Williams to get some more. Since I bought my house brand new and the painters used this store, they have my colors on file. This has proved helpful during the past five years.

The finished book case

The total cost for this project was less than $100. A bargain! The book case is about 8′ long and 3′ tall and looks like it’s been there forever.

I love it!

And can’t wait to build more things with my dad!