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Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. But they’re pretty!

5 Jun

My neighborhood finally has a neighborhood identification marker!

St. Charles Place was established about five years ago (my home will be four next month — my how time flies!) and for some reason, the developers didn’t install a neighborhood sign. There’s a lovely brick and iron fence on both sides of the entrance, just no sign. I had to always tell people “the townhouse development at the bottom of the hill” if they were visiting for the first time.

The Homeowners Association board has talked about putting something up since the association was turned over to the actual home owners three years ago. As vice president of the HOA, I took this on as my special project… after only about two years in office. Since our ‘hood has a sort of New Orleans-theme to it, wrought iron signage would fit in aesthetically and would be a somewhat easy process, so I thought.

Before installation. That huge truck took out of the old stop sign and also helped put up the new signs.

Turns out where we live, neighborhood i.d. markers must have masonry (brick). To get around that, we had to apply for an exemption and go to a zoning commission meeting to plead our case! I also had to apply for a right of way permit and all sorts of things. I was lucky to have come in contact early on with one city planner who went out of his way to walk me through this process. (There is a thank you letter on its way to him!)

After. New sign! See the frilly street/stop sign in the background too!

After going back and forth with the designer/installer and the HOA board and multiple city meetings and applications, the St. Charles Place sign was installed Friday! While we were at that, we also got a new street/stop sign (decorative black pole instead of the standard aluminum) and put up a private residences sign (the neighborhood across the street got one of these, so of course we wanted one too. And we do get lots of visitors during the day since we’re in a residential area withing city limits).

Welcome visitors! But keep out if you're trying to sell us something.

The landscaper is scheduled to come within the week and I’ll probably get out there to plant some pretty annual flowers after that. The pansies from last fall are almost fried to a crisp! I’m currently looking into lighting options as it’s in a median, and it gets pretty dark at night down in our little valley. I’m thinking of trying some industrial-strength solar lights.

One challenge we now have as we continue to make home and ‘hood improvements is the lack of available home improvement workers and other resources due to the rebuilding efforts after the storm. This city’s resources are stretched thin, but I’m excited about the possibilities of how great this city can become!