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Spirit of Tuscaloosa: spreading light and hope

2 Jun

My candle

Last night I volunteered for the Spirit of Tuscaloosa Candlelight Vigil in the new Government Plaza downtown. I handed out candles and houndstooth bracelets, then when the time came, lit my candle and helped spread the flame.

It was a beautiful evening. It felt comfortable even with these record-high temps. The vigil was moving.  The mayor, who has done a wonderful job leading and representing this awesome city, received a standing ovation. Most of the crowd had tears in their eyes. But with all the sadness and mourning, there was also hope and optimism. People cheered when, during the slideshow, pictures with signs that read “We’re Coming Back” appeared.

The Tuscaloosa News did a wonderful package on it, complete with a full story, video and photo gallery.

From the story:
“Soon, the dark plaza was engulfed in light, echoing the way people in Tuscaloosa have passed along supplies, hard work and love to those who have needed it in the month since an EF4 tornado changed Tuscaloosa forever.”

I am so proud of this city. Growing up in a military family, I moved around quite a bit when I was younger. I’ve lived in Tuscaloosa longer than I’ve ever lived in any one city, but it never really felt like home. That changed on April 27. Tuscaloosa is home.